This site is powered by a peculiar sort of optimism. Things can get better. Maybe they will. I am very certain that today’s American society won’t last. The way Americans live and eat, the way they amuse themselves, and the way they make public decisions is all very short term. It isn’t what worked in the past, nor what anyone wants for the future.

The site is called Jordan or Styx because those two words symbolize the very different possible futures. The Israelite people crossed the Jordan River around 1000 years BC to reach their “Promised Land.” After crossing the Jordan, they enjoyed a long age of prosperity. In ancient Greek mythology, the River Styx was the border of Hades. Anyone who crossed the Styx was damned. Two different rivers. Two different outcomes.

Several years ago I heard a political commentator declare, “The crisis is, there’s no crisis!” I don’t remember now what he was talking about, but that remark has stayed with me. Nothing good happens until a  significant number of people wake up and cry, “Holy Cow! Let’s do something about this!”  If people carry on day to day, discontent but not motivated, any social or economic problem can get worse and worse. But hardly any problem, earnestly addressed by those same people, is insoluble.  Then the trick from my angle is to make this website strong enough to encourage a few people to get smarter, try harder and demand more, but not make them disheartened enough to give up on the future against their better judgment.

Who am I? I’m Andy Zehner, a middle-aged white Christian male living in rural Indiana with my wife and family.

I’ve also lived in Washington DC, Liberia and Kyrgyzstan. I don’t have the slightest interest or respect for either political party, and what I believe cuts across the left-right political spectrum. I spend about 4 minutes a week thinking about sports.



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